Support services


Hourly Consultation Service     $125/hour

This service is available for the following:

  • Academic/extracurricular resume
  • Scholarship essays
  • Honor college application
  • Supplemental essays

Comprehensive Plan

Grades 11-12 

 This package provides families with unlimited hours  of research and   20 hours of in-person or virtual college admissions and application assistance. This strategy and planning sessions includes the following:

  • Apply up to 10 universities
  • Career exploration and assessment
  • Review of academic accomplishments
  • Recommendations for extracurricular involvement
  • Resume for academic and extracurricular activities
  • Create an appropriate college list
  • Early application deadline strategies 
  • Application assistance
  • Create timeline 
  • Essay support and reviews (Common application essay and up to three supplemental essays)
  • Finanical aid discussion
  • Coach meetings
  • Mock Interview preparation
  • Advice on making successful college visits
  • High-level overview of essays and applications before submission
  • Transition to college discussions
  • Final college decision assistance

 This plan also includes ongoing reminders, check-ins and scheduling help to keep the student and parents on task. This is our most frequently contracted package, and should carry the typical student through the entire admissions process with oversight and direction. Students should expect to complete regular homework assignments between sessions.  

Contact for price and more information (not at the hourly rate)

Limited Package

 Grades 11-12

This offering is suited for students and families who plan to navigate the college admissions process on their own or with the assistance of their school counselor, yet would benefit from some extra oversight and guidance.  Typical discussion topics include the formulation of an appropriate college list, testing timelines,  and essay brainstorming only.

Contact for price and more information (not at the hourly rate)

University of California (UC) application package

Students that want to apply to the UC system and need the application support and essay assistance.

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Early Planning Session

Grades 8-10

All students can benefit from an early start to the college admissions process.  We are laying the groundwork for a successful and strategic high school experience. This 90 minute session will help families learn to maximize their student’s high school experience and make the right decisions from the outset. 

  • Course selection
  • Standardized test planning
  •  Summer experiences &  extracurricular activities
  • Discussion about how to make high school a successful endeavor

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